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5th July 2022

Hydrogen is often discussed from the perspective of fuel cells, but many other end users rely on hydrogen, from ammonia, methanol and steel production, to power generation, oil and metal refining, and synthetic fuels. On the 5th July 2022 UK-HyRES held the third themed workshop, focused on the challenges, opportunities and future vision for the end use of hydrogen.

The end use of hydrogen is crucial to accelerating the uptake of hydrogen and alternative liquid fuels in pursuit of net zero. In the workshop we watched an enlightening video, recommended by Nigel Holmes (Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association)  and produced by Ben Burman, summarising the motivation and challenges in hydrogen uptake.

Later in the workshop, Anthony Kurcernak (Imperial College London) delivered an insight talk on the strategic drivers for change, highlighting the many end users with a stake in the hydrogen economy. Qiong Cai (University of Surrey) gave the final insight talk, with her perspective on the future vision for hydrogen fuel cell technology, such as cheaper and more durable catalysts.

Facilitated by The Collective, attendees debated key questions designed to determine the research challenges and the opportunities, framed around the Theory of Change.

The UK-HyRES team would like to particularly thank our invited speakers for their insightful contributions as well as all attendees. Developing a UK Centre of Excellence would not be possible without this fantastic engagement.

The research team will now start work analysing the comments and outputs, with the final outcomes published on our website in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for all participation, don’t forget our next workshop takes place on the 20th July (Alternative Liquid Fuels). Registration details will available on our Events page in due course.

A recording of the workshop and all insight talks are available below, catch up now if you missed the event.

Download the report:

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