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Storage and Distribution Workshop 2022

Workshop 3 – Storage and distribution

16th June 2022

Workshops 3 took place on the 16th June 2022, 13:30-16:30. There was engagement from the full spectrum of stakeholders across the hydrogen economy.

Building on the success of the Launch event Workshop 3 centred around the research challenges of the Storage and Distribution of Hydrogen.

Engaging insight talks were delivered during the session.

David Book (University of Birmingham) and Chris Manson-Whitton (Progressive Energy) set the landscape with their strategic drivers for change talk. We also heard from Gavin Walker (University of Nottingham) and Shubi Mukherjee (Ceres Power), who also delivered their future vision for storage. All four storage insight talks are available to watch below, as well as the full workshop recording.

Facilitated by The Collective, attendees debated key questions designed to determine the research challenges and the opportunities, framed around the Theory of Change.

The UK-HyRES team would like to particularly thank our invited speakers for their insightful contributions as well as all attendees. Developing a UK Centre of Excellence would not be possible without this fantastic engagement.

The research team will now start work analysing the comments and outputs, with the final outcomes published on our website in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for all participation, don’t forget our next workshops take place on the 5th July (End Use of Hydrogen) and the 20th July (Alternative Liquid Fuels). Registration details are available on our Events page.

If you want to catch-up with what happened, you can view and download recordings for each workshop here.

Download the report

Storage & Distribution of Hydrogen Workshop

Insight talks delivered during the Storage & Distribution workshop by David Book (University of Birmingham), Chris Manson-Whitton (Progressive Energy), Gavin Walker (University of Nottingham), and Shubi Mukherjee (Ceres Power).

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