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Prof. Tim Mays Honoured At Graduation

This week our very own Professor Tim Mays was honoured at the University of Bath graduation ceremony by being awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Research Medal. This award is given in recognition of the outstanding research contribution from senior academic members of the University of Bath. 

Upon receiving his award, University of Bath pro-vice-chancellor, Prof. Julian Chaudhuri, said Tim’s research has been “central to the positioning of the University of Bath as a multidisciplinary hub of research excellence”. Tim’s work has led to 160 publications in journals, conferences, and book chapters and he has been involved in over 50 million pounds of grant and leveraged research funding from government and industry. Prof Julian Chaudhuri went on to say Tim has “shown great tenacity and enthusiasm over the last two decades” and has been key to the understanding of “high capacity storage materials” which is paving the way for “new hydrogen storage options in transport, heating and electricity generation”.

Congratulations Tim.

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