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Interactive Hydrogen and Alternative Liquid Fuels Industry Map

Since UK-HyRES began its coordination project, we have been working to establish the key players in the UK hydrogen economy. This spans smaller supply chain businesses, as well as larger industry. We have had fantastic engagement through our workshops, on our website, and through various offline conversations and fact finding exercises. As we develop the details of the Hub for Research Challenges in Hydrogen and Alternative Liquid Fuels and the projects within, we want to connect industrial priorities with the UK’s talented academic research community.

Below, we have developed a map of the companies and consortia we are aware of, either through their engagement with the HyRES project or through or our own background research.

You can also see the details of all confirmed prospective Co-Investigators, the Hub Co-Directors Prof. Rachael Rothman and Prof. Shanwen Tao, and Hub Director Prof. Tim Mays. We have included only publicly available information in the map. If you are interested in talking with an academic or company listed, please get in touch and we will see if we can make the connection.

Industry Regional Roadshows Early 2023

We are holding interactive industry roadshows across the UK and are especially interested in companies (of all sizes, including their supply chains) attending to share and discuss research challenges in hydrogen and alternative liquids fuels that meet their needs. This is with a view to the co-creation of research projects with academics that will be part of the UK-HyRES Research Hub that is due to start in Q2 2023. You can see the industry-focussed Regional Roadshow venues on the map below, indicated by a red star, dates and details will be available shortly. You can also see the typical catchment areas for each regional event, attendees are however free to choose which events you attend.

Want To Be Included On The Map?

If you are an organisation, company or consortia, and would like to be listed, please send the details through our contact us page. Further functionality will be added in the coming weeks. In the meantime, thank you, community engagement and co-creation of projects is essential to unlocking the barriers to a low carbon hydrogen economy.

Interactive Hydrogen and Alternative Liquid Fuels Industry Map

Industry Map
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