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University of Sheffield

Brief info

Safety Theme Lead at Sheffield. Expert in process safety.

Theme Lead

Professor Cordiner leads the UK-HyRES Safety Theme and is Head of Department for the University of Sheffield’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Prior, she had a distinguished career at Syngenta which spanned several global and senior management positions. Joan brings a wealth of experience in leadership, Active Ingredient process design, complex process modelling, physical property prediction, Formulation Engineering, Process Safety leadership, Global Business Risk management and building relationships between academia and industry.

Research interests include:

  • Physical property prediction
  • Machine Learning-based predictive maintenance
  • Process resilience models for early-stage design
  • Scale-up robustness and sustainability
  • Automated Hazop
  • Modelling and mRNA production
  • Scale up of novel processes for energy storage
  • Hydrogen Safety for new and emerging processes.


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